If you’re an avid crossbow user, you must be knowing that the set is composed of a string, an arrow, and a crossbow. With regards to arrows, heavy arrows are advantageous for long-range shooting because they have a longer velocity. On the other hand, lighter arrows are great for close-quarter shooting because it is easier to maneuver them in a target’s direction. The weight of the arrowhead also plays a role in its purchase.

Benefits of Lighter Arrows

1. Accuracy 

Arrows with light arrowheads are easier to maneuver when shot at the target. They also allow you to shoot more accurately because they can be adjusted quickly and easier than heavy arrowheads.

2. Speed

Along with accuracy, lightweight arrows are also great for determining the speed of your shot. When you use lightweight arrows, you can achieve a faster velocity. This means that the arrow will penetrate deeper when it hits the target. 

3. Power

Lighter arrows also allow you to produce more power than heavier arrows. The arrow’s impact will be felt more intensely because it doesn’t slow down after penetrating the target. With lighter arrows, you’ll also enjoy more shooting flexibility.

Benefits of Heavy Arrows

1. Longevity

Heavy arrowheads offer a variety of benefits when it comes to longevity. For example, their heavier weight penetrates deeper into the target without getting damaged easily because they are made from hard metals, including steel and titanium.

2. Accuracy

Although it can be challenging, heavy arrows are more accurate than lighter arrows. For this reason, heavy arrows are used in target shooting or hunting because they enable you to hit the targets easily.

3. Safety 

Because heavy arrows are made from hard metals, it’s easier to use them in terms of safety. With heavier arrows, you don’t need to worry about damaging your archery equipment when using them in the close-range shooting.

How do I Choose an Arrow for My Crossbow? 

There are a few considerations to take into account when choosing an arrow set for your crossbow. You should consider the type of target you want to hunt and how far you will be shooting the arrow.

1. Length of the Arrow

You should choose the length of your arrow according to the target. Crossbows are designed for shooting at objects at a distance from 20 yards from the crossbow, and you should choose a length that is suitable for shooting different types of prey or for practice. 

2. Arrow Head

You can consider buying different kinds of arrowheads based on your preferences and needs. For example, you might want to choose hunting without the help of a bolt, or you can choose a razor-sharp arrowhead.

3. Crossbow Bolts

The crossbow bolts are also important when choosing arrows. The longer the crossbow bolt is, the more powerful it will be when it hits the target. Also, the crossbow bolts should be well-balanced when you purchase them.

Types of Crossbows

1. Recurve Crossbows

Unlike compound crossbows, a recurve crossbow involves a frame with a mechanical trigger and a pulley system. Examples of this kind of crossbow include the Barnett Jackal, Barnett Black Widow or the Tristar Viper. This type of crossbow is ideal for individuals who have experience in using them.

2. Compound Crossbows

A compound crossbow is popular because it allows you to adjust the draw weight. Artifacts of this type of crossbow include the Barnett Recurve Crossbow, the Barnett Field Point Crossbow, and the Blackspire Predator.

3. Traditional Crossbows

Compared with compound crossbows, traditional crossbows allow you to adjust the draw weight by yourself. The materials used in traditional crossbows include wood and aluminum. This type of bow is more suitable for beginners because it offers more control over your shooting angle.

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When it comes to using a crossbow, you need to know the different types of arrows available. Each type of arrow has its benefits and disadvantages. For example, lighter arrows are more accurate than heavier arrows but are also more difficult to use in terms of safety. Lastly, you also need to consider the type of crossbow you want. Compound or recurve crossbows offer a variety of benefits for individuals who have more experience with crossbows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I shoot heavy arrows when hunting?

A. Yes, you can. When you are shooting a heavier arrow, make sure that it’s target-oriented. The heavier the arrow is, the more likely it will penetrate and go through the prey’s flesh. Be careful with your choice of weight on arrows, as it can significantly affect the speed of your weapon and the accuracy with which your target will be hit.

Q. Do I need heavy arrows?

A. When you use a heavier arrowhead, it makes it harder for the bow to pull the arrow back. This will result in a slower weapon speed, so it’s not recommended that you use heavier arrows if you are trying to shoot small and fast objects. When hunting, however, it’s always better to use heavier arrows as they can penetrate deeper and aim precisely for the target.

Q. What are the top brands for crossbow arrows?

A. Some of the top brands for crossbow arrows are:

1. Bear arrows

2. Blackspire

3. Barnett

4. Blue Sky Archery 

5. Bohning

6. Carbon Express

7. Carbon Tech 

8. Copper John 

9. Crosman Arrows 

10. Excalibur 

Q. What type of materials are crossbows made of?

A. Crossbows are made of several different materials, including wood, plastics, aluminum and steel. When buying a crossbow, look for ones made of strong materials that can withstand regular use. Some crossbows have special finishes that help protect the weapon from moisture.

Q. Name different types of bows?

A. The different types of bows are:

1. Recurve Bow

2. Compound Bow

3. Traditional Bow

4. Hunting Bow